Synthetic Flesh

October 31st, 1999
Nile Theatre: Mesa, Arizona

b.e.l.t. was the last act to perform at Synthetic Flesh, and we literally closed the place down! Fire, exploding televisions, mutilated Teletubies©, it was a great time.

The entire Synthetic Flesh b.e.l.t. performance was captured on video.
Of course the videos are available for sale for a mere $10.00 (including shipping). Hopefully, we will be able to have a CD-rom with the entire video on it along with the audio tracks and other bonus items!

Photos will be available as soon as we get them, so check back!

Audio from the entire performance is available on this site free of charge! Distribute at will!
The performance is divided into 8 "tracks."
Track One
Track Two
Track Three
Track Four
Track Five
Track Six
Track Seven
Track Eight

*NOTE: all performance notes are subject to change without prior notice.
Tapes are available of the entire show for only 5 US dollars, including shipping. There will be a surcharge of 45 dollars for handling though. Just kidding. Total price within the United states (and our 52nd state Canadaland) is 5 US dollars (or 20 canadian dollars. I think that is the correct exchange rate.)
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