Peanuts For Peace

May 1998
The Secret Garden: Arizona State University

Note that since Peanuts For Peace was a "rave," b.e.l.t. didn't want any lull in the music, so they began their performance by mixing with the DJ's last record. This can be heard during the intro which is unavailable on the internet. When the DJ's record ends, b.e.l.t. began their first (official) song ever, "Satan (reprise)."

00. intro with dj matt
        dj matt - turntables, pre-packaged musical sounds
        lance romance - keys, pants
        dj blue - electric bow, shorts
01. satan (reprise)
        lance romance - keys
        dj blue - electric bow, samples 
02. do you like hashish?
        lance romance - keys
        dj blue - samples, keys
03. trilateral rhombus (an introduction)
        dj blue - keys
04. our feature presentation
        lance romance - samples, drum programming       
        dj blue - keys
05. choose
        lance romance - drum programming, samples
        dj blue - samples, drum programming
06. injecting vitamin-C
        lance romance - psycho guitar, electric bow, keys
        dj blue - samples, manipulations
07. why are we hear?
        lance romance - drum-type sounds, keys
        dj blue - samples, manipulations, drum programming
08. something with a lotta
        lance romance - samples, manipulations
        dj blue - drum programming, live drumming
09. global thermal nuclear war
        lance romance - drum programming
        dj blue - samples, drum-type sounds
10. change that sample before I hurt you
        lance romance - drum programming, manipulations
        dj blue - samples, drum type sounds, live drumming
        ender - keys
11. trilateral rhombus (an excursion)
        lance romance - drum programming, manipulations
        ender - keys
12. like sensimillia...etc.
        lance romance - drum programming
        dj blue - samples, manipulations, live drumming
        ender - keys
13. you will not be molested
        lance romance - elecric bow, psycho guitar, manipulations
        dj blue - samples, electric bow, live drumming
        ender - keys, samples
14. screaming for chess
        lance romance - electric bow, manipulations, psycho guitar
        dj blue - samples, drum programming, electric bow, jumping
        ender - keys, samples, sanity
15. goodbye (in a flat minor)
        lance romance - macho posturing
        djblue - samples, manipulations
        ender - long hair, hat

*NOTE: all performance notes are subject to change without prior notice.
Tapes are available of the entire show for only 5 US dollars, including shipping. There will be a surcharge of 45 dollars for handling though. Just kidding. Total price within the United states (and our 52nd state Canadaland) is 5 US dollars (or 20 canadian dollars. I think that is the correct exchange rate.)
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