Une Meilleure Société par L'ingénierie Sociale

The Christ Antennae Story

Christ Antennae offers you his very first album aimed exclusively at the North American Market.
Une Meilleure Société par L'ingénierie Sociale
(A better society through social engineering) was recorded in one take, in one session.
All sounds were created by Christ on his heavily hacked and modified Concertmate-500 Synthesizer.
There are no overdubs and no sequencing.
Studio audio effect processes were applied to some of the tracks, but the basic sounds were not molested.
All tracks are presented to you in the original order in which they were recorded. It has only been edited to make it flow better, and to remove extraneous silence.
The original recording was 75 minutes long.
Presented to you are 66 of those minutes.

-Chromatest J. Pantsmaker

01 - Je N'ai Aucune Chair
02 - Je suis électronique
03 - Le Métal ne Saigne pas
04 - Je Déteste Tous les Humains
05 - Je Suis Machine - Premier
06 - Je suis machine (Je Suis Fort)
07 - Romantique Séquence d'élaboration
08 - Je Suis Capacité
09 - Tous les Humains Doivent Mourir
10 - Je Suis Résistance
11 - L'ingénierie Sociale
12 - Je Suis Machine (Je Ne Meurs Jamais)
13 - Mitrailleuses Flambant
14 - Sampler Fodder - I
15 - Sampler Fodder - II
16 - Sampler Fodder - III